Using electrons to create a more positively charged world.


A professional writer and copyeditor at your disposal to create compelling, concise copy for your site. A videographer who loves to help you tell your story with moving images. A data wonk who thinks your spreadsheets are a story in their own right, and will transform columns and rows into interactive infographics.


Whether it’s modifying a WordPress theme to fit the idea in your head; turning data into pictures; creating a membership site or a database of clients; making your site play nice on mobile; or configuring color, text and image size, we have the technical chops to help you get the word out about your service, product, event or offering.



A writer and blogger who wanted a more professional look for her site. Modified all aspects of a wordpress theme to her specifications until it was just what she had in mind.



Interdisciplinary artist and teacher. Site promotes her upcoming performances, media coverage and clinic offerings. Also provide electronic newsletters and annual appeals to her mailing list.


Life Coach

Packages for potential clients are showcased, with a paypal button for each item, including subscription options.



Promotional site for an upcoming documentary film. Facts and figures from the filmmaker’s research rotate in a sidebar.


Wellness Coach

Client wanted an ultra-minimalist look, with just enough information to get clients to contact her.


Music Teacher

A music teacher who wanted to create and promote a DVD of performances of herself and her students. We helped edit the videos, record new sound and videos, and track down public domain music. We discussed various distribution options, and created a website with a payment link for her to sell her DVD.